"My husband and I are so grateful to have found such a wonderful school for our daughter" ~ Courtney Crepeau

"We have watched Ryder grow so much over the past 2 months. He is learning Spanish, sign language, writing letters on his own, and is much more independent when it comes to dressing himself and cleaning up. He just adores Ms. Gloria. MudPies was the best decision we could have made. It brought tears to my eyes to see Ryder reading a story to Ella. I couldn't be more proud! You guys are amazing! Brian and I appreciate everything you do for not only Ryder but all of the children!" ~ Jessica Bruck

"My daughter hasn't even completed her 2nd week and she tells me she loves her teacher& wants her to come home with us. The very first day, when I picked her up, she came running to me yelling "I had a fun day!" She's not always a morning person, so sometimes it's tough getting her out of the house, but it's like pulling teeth to get her to leave "school" at the end of the day." ~April Venable

"A home away from home. Terrific, small center that has a wonderful, loving staff. My daughter is so happy at school and that makes me happy! The director and staff have been so accommodating with our schedule and we couldn't be happier!" ~Christy Clements

"My son AJ will be attending Mudpies starting 9/7...we took tours of several places and Mudpies was our last stop..should of made it the first! The director, Ms. Gloria, was amazing on our tour. She made us all feel comfortable. We didn't feel as as if we were a client or customer, but more like family. Its cozy, warm and inviting..feels like a home away from home more than a childcare center. We are so glad we did the tour and would recommend them to anyone needing childcare." ~Joseph Coombes