Our toddler classrooms provide an environment of explorations for our students. Our teachers work to foster skills like listening, learning how to treat one another, problem solving techniques and manners. They also foster skills like pushing and pulling, sorting objects by color and size and stacking objects. Sign language continues and is incorporated throughout the day. Our emergent curriculum reinforces these age-appropriate developments through songs, finger plays, short stories, center time and circle time.

On a bi-annual basis, we do a formal evaluation based on the New Hampshire Early Learning Guidelines in order to assess each child’s growth and development. Below are some of the basic milestones we work towards, in addition to specific academic and developmental achievements:


  • Walks alone (12-26 mo.)
  • Pulls toys behind him while walking (13-16 mo.)
  • Carries large toys or several toys while walking (12-15 mo.)
  • Begins to run stiffly (16-18 mo.) Walks into ball (18-24 mo.)
  • Climbs onto and down from furniture unsupported (16-24 mo.)
  • Walks up and down stairs holding on to support (18-24 mo.)

Hand and Finger Skills

  • Scribbles spontaneously (14-16 mo.)
  • Turns over container to pour out contents (12-18 mo.)
  • Building tower of four blocks or more (20-24 mo.)


  • Points to object or picture when it is named for him (18-24 mo.)
  • Recognizes names of people/objects/body parts (18-24 mo.)
  • Says several single words (15-18 mo.)
  • Uses two word sentences (18-24 mo.)
  • Follows simple one-step instructions (14-18 mo.)
  • Repeats words overheard in conversations (16-18 mo.)


  • Begins to sort shapes and colors (20-24 mo.)
  • Begins make-believe play (20-24 mo.)
  • Imitates behavior of others (18-24 mo.)
  • Increasingly enthusiastic about other children (20-24 mo.)
  • Demonstrates increasing independence (18-24 mo.)

Begins to show defiant behavior (18-24 mo.)